automation in a new dimension

Anna Hug

A family person with ambition

Anna Hug began training with us as an Industrial Management Assistant with a higher-level qualification in “International Management with Foreign Languages” in September 2017. She passed her final exams in February 2020. In the meantime, she works in Purchasing, where she also wrote her project report in November 2019. Anna’s principal job in Purchasing is to procure materials for Development and Production, though she also attends to the material needs of our other staff.

She’s always had a strong interest in economics. After finishing intermediate secondary school, she spent three years at Hugo Eckener College in Friedrichshafen studying for her “Fachabitur”, the entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences. Her special subject there was Business Processes, which laid the foundation for her subsequent training. Anna’s attention was drawn to futronic by an advertisement in the newspaper together with information on our website. She sent off her application straight away. Anna is a family person who feels very much at home at futronic. The personal contacts and the respectful interaction are what she particularly values: “You always know who you’re dealing with or working with here”, she emphasises.

Occasionally – though with great curiosity – Anna takes a look over the hardware and software developers’ shoulder, hoping to gain a better understanding of complex interrelationships and background details. She gives everything for her job – Anna is very ambitious and she’s keen to gradually take on more and more responsibility. That’s why, starting in October 2020, she’ll be embarking on an additional qualification to become a Bachelor Professional. When she’s not working, Anna likes to spend as much time as possible in the saddle or relaxing in the company of her family and close friends.