automation in a new dimension

Hamdi Regaya

Out-of-the-Box Thinker and Talented Seller

Hamdi Regaya has been on board since January 2016. He was born in Tunisia but took a degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. After graduating in 2013, he began his professional career at a company in Stuttgart, where he gained his first experience in sales – an area he’d always wanted to work in. His attention was drawn to futronic by a job advertisement: “It was exactly what I was looking for”.

Regaya has been supporting our Industrial Automation division ever since with his talent for selling, technical know-how and linguistic skills: this young engineer not only speaks excellent German but is also fluent in French and Arabic, not to mention English of course. Both the management and colleagues have complete confidence in him. Regaya explains that he is free to do his job and organise his activities as he sees fit: “They just let me get on with it”. He enjoys being able to work independently, take his own decisions and develop sales strategies, and he appreciates the space this gives him for creative thinking and action. He finds it very motivating. And motivated employees are dedicated, loyal and self-assured. It all adds up to a simple but effective success formula.

He was afraid it might not be easy to leave the big city life for the predominantly rural setting of Germany’s southernmost region. And if you’ve ever had any contact with the local dialect, you won’t be at all surprised to hear that he couldn’t understand a word at first. In the meantime, his initial scepticism has vanished and the language barrier has been overcome. His colleagues at futronic did their best to help him and accepted him into their ranks without further ado. It’s true, he did grow up in a different culture. So what? “Everyone here takes me as I am. They approach me with an open mind and without prejudice. They’re curious but respectful”, says Regaya, “and it’s all totally uncomplicated”. That’s precisely the way it should be, especially at a company that operates internationally. Regaya feels he’s definitely “arrived” and that he belongs here. He’s long become a part of the futronic family. And he’s now doing his best to learn the Swabian dialect.