automation in a new dimension

Kurt Schwegler

An Eye on the Big Picture

Kurt Schwegler joined futronic in October 2008 straight from Ulm Chamber of Trade, where as a master radio and television technician he was an instructor for trainees preparing to take their master’s certificate as an IT technician or electrician. A native of the Upper Swabia region, he also lectured at Tettnang Electronics College (EST) and was a member of various examining boards and expert committees. It was on one of these bodies that he first made the acquaintance of futronic’s then Production Manager. They engaged in conversation, started the ball rolling – and it wasn’t long before Schwegler switched back from theory to practice again.  

He was actually taken on as project manager in our Industrial Automation division, as the department head’s right-hand man. However, his boss’s departure marked the starting point for a career that “was altogether different from what I expected”, Schwegler recollects. Yet this is nothing unusual at a company like futronic, with its flexible and dynamic environment. Where the top management always has a sympathetic ear and people are encouraged to take on responsibility at an early stage, participate in decision-making and actively shape the company’s development. And where “there are no notorious know-it-alls and decisions are corrected if needs be without any red tape”, Schwegler adds.

Today, he heads two departments – and is responsible for the development and design of automation technology. A passionate horse lover, his job as project manager at the dividing line between engineering and sales entails close cooperation both with his colleagues at futronic and out in the field with clients. Schwegler is someone who “thinks outside the box”, as he puts it, a man with a keen instinct for customers’ wants and requirements. He can draw on broad technical know-how, a sound knowledge of pertinent laws and regulations and plenty of experience. He’s also an expert communicator, no matter how complex the content, and a good delegator of tasks. Someone who keeps an eye on the big picture. All of this calls for trust and a certain degree of freedom. And that’s just what he gets from us!