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Pascal Bohmann is futronic’s new man in Sales

New man in Technical Sales: Pascal Bohmann (Photo: futronic/Marco Mehl)

futronic and Pascal Bohmann are made for one another – that much can be said already. Why’s that? Bohmann initially trained as an electronics technician for industrial engineering, but was keen to move on fast – and learn as much as possible on the way. He did further training as a PLC specialist, qualified as an electrical foreman in his spare time and went on to become a technical business economist. With a CV like that, he was definitely a top candidate for a job at futronic. And that was only the beginning!
futronic offers new prospects
Still in the early stages of his career, he worked on maintenance and repair assignments, spent occasional periods on site for commissioning and was involved in extensive automation and retrofit projects. Things really took off for him at his previous employer, a leading global manufacturer of injection moulding machinery, where he soon switched full-time to field sales, assuming responsibility for service and technical assistance on site at the customer’s. In short, he gained a lot of practical experience that he can now put to good use at futronic.
Thirty year-old Bohmann quickly realised that this was exactly what he’d been looking for. After all, he’s good with people, good at talking and even better at listening, and he knows what his customers need. He stuck it out for four years in total. But at the end of the day he sensed it was lacking in prospects; he longed for a task that would get him ahead again and that matched all those extra qualifications he’d acquired over the years. And so he searched around for something new and eventually stumbled across a vacancy at futronic.
A feathered nest is not for him
The first interview went very well and so did the second one; everything was settled very quickly. “It felt right all along”, he recalls. He likes the friendly atmosphere and gets on well with his colleagues. “I love travelling and I appreciate the variety my job brings”, he says. The challenge appeals to him too – sounding out the market, keeping his ear to the ground and learning what customers want – and he’s excellently connected. He enjoys developing a relatively young business segment at futronic; after all, “I’m not one to make my home in a feathered nest!”. His job is to get new projects off the ground with new and existing customers alike.
Raw sales power from NRW
Last but not least, the chemistry is right, especially with his new team-mate: like René Elling, with whom he already collaborates very closely, Bohmann hails from the Münster area of North-Rhine Westphalia. They’re the same age and they speak the same language, as you can’t help hearing. Raw sales power from NRW. The only difference is that Bohmann, recently married, is holding the fort up in north-west Germany, engaging with current and potential clients from his home base. And every few weeks, when he travels down to the headquarters in Tettnang, he looks forward to Lake Constance, the mountains, hiking and getting out and about on his mountain bike. To working where others go on holiday.