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Chamber of Commerce honours futronic’s 50th anniversary

Happy faces: Christoph Keckeisen (Bodenseekreis Administration), Mayor Bruno Walter, Michael Preuss, Dr. Sönke Voss (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and Jetter’s CEO Christian Benz (from left). (Photo: Paul Meyer / futronic)

Representatives from regional politics and business express respect and congratulations
The original big gala had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, but at least futronic was able to have a small celebration last Tuesday. To mark the occasion, Dr. Sönke Voss, Deputy General Manager of the Lake Constance / Upper Swabia Chamber of Industry and Commerce, presented Michael Preuss and Christian Benz, Managing Directors of futronic, with a special anniversary certificate as a sign of “great recognition and respect”. Christoph Keckeisen, Chief Civil Servant of Bodenseekreis District Administration Office and representative of the District Administrator, and Bruno Walter, Mayor of Tettnang, were also in attendance to congratulate the company on its 50th birthday.
In his role as Deputy General Manager, Voss extended birthday greetings on behalf of the Lake Constance / Upper Swabia Chamber of Industry and Commerce. During his laudation, he briefly referred to the so-called microelectronic revolution, which began in the mid-seventies and was a precursor of digital transformation: “futronic not only witnessed it, but actively helped to shape it and will continue to shape it in the future.” Voss mentioned the many good decisions that have been taken, the opportunities opened up by future technologies and futronic’s proven ability to exploit them. He then emphasised the key role that small and medium-sized enterprises like futronic play for the German economy overall: “Their success radiates out to the entire region and beyond”.
Great respect for 50 years of success
Christoph Keckeisen, Chief Civil Servant of Bodenseekreis District Administration Office and representative of the District Administrator, was equally eager to offer birthday congratulations to futronic. He expressed his “great respect” to both the company itself and “the futronic family”, as he referred to the crowd of employees who had gathered for the occasion, “for 50 years of success, for a great entrepreneurial achievement”, which has benefited not only the town of Tettnang but the whole of the Lake Constance district. He finished up by wishing futronic “all the best for the next 50 years”.
Always a solution to be found
Bruno Walter, now in his final year in office as Mayor of Tettnang, has known futronic for many years. “We’ve often sat together to discuss things and reflect on the kind of support you need – on the framework conditions we need to create so that futronic can continue to develop successfully – and we’ve always managed to find a solution”, he recalled. He spoke about how he has been fascinated by the company’s success throughout the years, by its innovative strength and by the inspiration that comes from it. Walter, too, offered warm anniversary congratulations, of course. “But most of all I want to say thank you, because I’m forever conscious of how lucky our town is to have such a globally successful player as futronic”.
Successful cooperation based on partnership
Christian Benz, futronic’s Managing Director and CEO of Jetter AG, the parent company, congratulated the futronic team on behalf of all colleagues in Ludwigsburg, where the group has its headquarters. He also thanked them for the successful cooperation based on partnership, which has endured for more than 15 years now. Michael Preuss, co-Managing Director of futronic, had previously welcomed the guests – and especially all employees present – in a witty address, in which he stressed that “our company could never have become so successful without them”.

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