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futronic welcomes new trainees

Cool guys, cool team: our new trainees Denys Antonyuk, Roland Althammer and Tristan Borsos (from left) are optimistic about their future career prospects. (Photo: René Kius / futronic)

This year, three young people will once again launch their career at futronic. 

Tettnang, September 05, 2016 – Tristan Borsos, Roland Althammer and Denys Antonyuk are our latest trainees. Three smart guys full of vitality and with a thirst for knowledge. And each with a special connection with futronic.

Tristan, born and bred in Rostock, is training with us as a Warehouse Logistics Operator, a qualification we offered for the first time just three years ago. It’s a profession that’s increasingly important in today’s global business. Aged 20, Tristan will spend the first few weeks in Purchasing learning the basics of business administration. He’ll then move on to Goods Receipt where, amongst other things, he’ll be taught all the dos and don’ts when it comes to storing electronic components. 

Foreign placement and language course combined

After leaving secondary school Roland, aged 19, initially completed a two-year vocational course specialising in business informatics, which counts as an entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences. He’s considering studying for a degree later, but for now that’s still in the clouds. Right now, Roland prefers to concentrate on his two-and-a-half-year traineeship as an Industrial Business Management Assistant with a higher-level qualification in “International Management with Foreign Languages”. A native of Friedrichshafen, he’ll start off in Logistics, where his duties will mainly be related to materials management. He’ll then spend time in various other departments such as Purchasing, Human Resource Management, Order Processing and finally Accounts and Controlling. Of course, he’ll also be off abroad for a few weeks to our partner firms in other countries, probably in France and the UK. Language courses will form a compulsory element of his placements.

Denys, aged 25, hails from Ukraine but grew up in Weingarten, only twelve miles or so from Tettnang. He attended a general secondary school there, followed by a one-year vocational course in electronics in Ravensburg. He dropped out of his first apprenticeship, which “wasn’t really my thing”. Denys stuck with electronics, nevertheless: he tried out a number of different things in that area before crossing paths with futronic through a temporary employment agency. He’s now training with us as an Electronics Technician for Industrial Engineering.

Training motivated by career experience

So here they sit, laughing and joking: the three of them already know one another – and the company – quite well and this isn’t the first time they’ve worked together. Denys has been at futronic for two and a half years now: he’s familiar with the procedures and he has a good idea of what to expect here. Production Manager and training supervisor Stefan Rose has a lot of confidence him as a result. He’s currently teaching his own successor the ropes – where else would a trainee get a chance like that? “I can’t think of a better company to work for than futronic”, he confesses; he particularly praises “the fantastic working atmosphere and the climate of mutual respect”. His two new colleagues nod in agreement. All three are convinced that joining futronic was the right decision. And to be honest, the same goes for us.

Logistics training beats eSports Bundesliga

Tristan quit Rostock for Weingarten because he “wanted to see somewhere different”, as he puts it. Love likewise influenced his decision. He’d already abandoned his dream of becoming a professional footballer with Hansa Rostock, who he played with in his youth. He’d also turned down a promising career in the German eSports Bundesliga. And because his girlfriend’s father had been a futronic employee for many years, it was an obvious step to apply for a placement and seize what was “a great opportunity to get a taste of things here”. It took him even less time to accept the offer of a traineeship.

Roland, too, kicked off with a placement after discovering futronic on the Internet. His father is a customs officer and knew futronic from hearsay. futronic is a global player, which means we have a lot to do with the customs authorities. At any rate, he had no qualms about his son becoming a futronic trainee. And Roland is equally satisfied so far with his choice of career.

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