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Welcome to Bucher Automation Tettnang GmbH`s whistleblower system

Complying with legal and statutory regulations and internal rules is a top priority at Bucher Automation Tettnang GmbH. Our excellent reputation can only be upheld if we conduct our business with integrity, professionally and with a focus on the correct, fair and ethical treatment of each and every stakeholder.

Employees, business partners and third parties can use this whistleblower system to report serious violations of applicable laws, regulations and internal Bucher Automation directives. The whistleblowers are assured that their report will not be used to their disadvantage, provided the report has not been made improperly. Of course, anonymous reports are also possible. An investigation is only initiated after very careful examination of the facts and reasonable suspicion of a serious regulatory violation.

If you would like to send such a report to Bucher Automation Compliance you can use this secure reporting channel .

Reports on matters such as dissatisfaction with wages, difficulties with cooperation between colleagues or violations of smoking and alcohol policies should be made via the usual internal channels. If they are made using this reporting system they will be immediately deleted and the report will be closed.

Important note

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