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The container's heart steadily beating

The project is one of the largest and most complex in futronics history: For a manufacturer of bulk material handling systems its specialists integrated a large low-voltage switchgear into two brand new switchgear containers. The two big boxes today are standing on the compound of the end customer – a renowned german tyre manufacturer.

The individual components cover virtually all the materials transport functions, which by their very nature place different requirements on the control and drive equipment. Thus the main challenge when designing the switchgear lay in connecting the two units to a common control system.

Busbar system instead of complex wiring
The spectrum extends from the receipt of the raw bulk materials and liquid oils, which are then weighed into batches, through mixing and transport of the batches to and from the downstream rolling mills to their final transfer to the palletiser. This process calls for high motor performance with a correspondingly high power input and a total power consumption of almost 5000 A at 400 VAC. futronic's engineers therefore decided to hook the two cabinet rows up to the long sides of the large, forty foot container using two separate feeders and assign one medium-voltage transformer to each. A Rittal Maxi-PLS busbar system laid in the container roof distributes power to the individual switchgear panels. In this way complex wiring in the switchgear floor was dispensed with.

Top technology from Siemens

Each of the two units consists of an axis system featuring two large drives with an output of 340 kW and 85 kW respectively. The power infeed in each case is controlled by a 3WL open circuit breaker with 1000 A. In the outgoing direction the busbar distribution system is routed via reactors that are known for this application to a regenerative Smart Line Module. This module supplies power to the DC link for the downstream servo motor modules and feeds excess power from the link back into the customer's site grid. The drive components are interconnected using Siemens DriveCliq, an open, real-time, internal interface that allows components from different manufacturers to be networked within the drive system. As far as the higher-level process control system is concerned, futronic relies on the Siemens PROFINET concept.

Sophisticated control technology
Yet no matter how good the power electronics, sophisticated control technology is a must. The heartbeat of the container units is controlled by a PC based IPC 427C system with WinAC RTX F software, also from Siemens, installed inside the small container. WinAC RTX F is a TÜV-approved, failsafe software controller for standard and safety applications. All safety relevant sensors and actuators are connected via PROFIsafe. The plant is visualised by means of two redundantly coupled box PCs based on the SCADA System WinCC V7.0 software.

futronic – a preferred supplier of automation technology
futronic can look back on extensive experience when it comes to pneumatic handling systems and dosing bulk materials. Over the last few years, futronic has taken on several projects for the said tyre manufacturer all over the world through the cooperation partner and completed them successfully. Some more joint projects shall follow in the future.

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