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Investments in the Future

In the course of more than four decades, futronic has gained a reputation for innovative and reliable controls and drives for container glass machines and equipment. Over a thousand of our systems are currently in action around the globe. Many of them have been performing impeccably for twenty years or more now, living up to even the highest client expectations day by day. Our specialists can draw on extensive control engineering expertise, a profound understanding of the production processes in the glass industry and considerable practical experience. We know our stuff!

The perfect solution – designed, built and installed
We are therefore ideally placed to develop perfect solutions and design and install efficient systems offering excellent value for money. We don’t need to tell you that we are always on the ball and that we take an active interest in future technologies. And with more than seventy highly qualified staff on our payroll, we have the necessary capacity to form effective partnerships.

Always a decisive step ahead
As a futronic user, you too can reap the benefits and stay that decisive step ahead in the long term. After all, the future success of your manufacturing operations will be largely determined by your choice of automation system. futronic technologies are a sound investment in the future – and a decision you won’t regret.

Discover more about our products and technologies:

Control System

Our distributed control
system FMT24S controls all sequences and processes
on an IS machine with anything up to 24 sections. Read more

Servo Drive System

The FDU24S servo drive system provides high precision whenever motion sequences have to be synchronised in the machines. Read more

Reject System

Faulty containers must be accurately removed at the “hot end”. The ASDR2 was developed by futronic as an add-on reject system. Read more

Reject System

So-called double parisons can seriously disrupt the production process. The DPR1 detects reject pro- ducts and separates them reliably. Read more

Annealing Lehr Control

futronic’s annealing lehr control enables complex, quality sensitive sequences and processes in the annealing lehr to be automated. Read more

Retrofit Upgrade Kit

The EPRO (Economic Production) Upgrade Kit is a bridging technology developed by futronic to bring your controls up to date. Read more

Monitoring System

Our Swab Cycle Monitoring System (SCMS) monitors the swab cycles automatically and indicates when, and on which section, the next cycle is due. Read more

Mobile Tablet

The MTO Mobile Tablet is a tough industrial tablet that allows FMT24S machine control system to be operated flexibly and intuitively in mobile use. Read more

Electronic Key System

The EKS Electronic Key System makes it easier to access our FMT24S machine control system with individual permission profiles. Read more

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