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The EKS Electronic Key System makes it easier to access our FMT24S machine control system. The EKS comprises a reader and access software, with which individual permission profiles can be assigned to different user groups. Users can thus also use a security key (transponder) as an alternative to an ID and password for authentication on the terminal. That not only saves time; it’s also more secure.

Simply inserting the key into the reader opens the access-protected operating menu on the fly. When the user removes the key, the user interface immediately returns to the “no key” permission level. Responsibilities are clearly defined because each key is assigned to a specific person. Reliable protection of critical processes is ensured in this way while still providing convenient operation.

Our EKS consists of transponder keys and a chip reader, which can be installed either in a tabletop housing made from high-grade aluminium or in a free slot of the FMT24S OT/MCT PC. Upgrading existing systems with the software and reader is a simple matter.

Do you require more information? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales department. Click (310 kB)here to download a detailed brochure on our EKS Electronic Key System.

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