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FDU24S – Synchronous Precision

Our FDU24S (Flexible Drive Unit) is a drive system that provides flexibility and maximum precision whenever individual motion sequences have to be synchronised in the machines. Although the FDU24S is based on the predecessor APC700, it is far more than simply an upgraded version of an existing solution. On the contrary, the FDU24S represents the realisation of a totally new concept. From servo feeders through servo shears to servo gob distributors – thanks to the FDU24S, all servo mechanisms can now be parametrised and monitored using a single, central control.

Powerful in combination with the FMT24S
The FDU24S is compatible not only with older futronic products like the CIMOG and EPRO IS machine control systems but also with third-party controls. However, the full power of this drive system is only leveraged in combination with the FMT24S, our flagship product. The FDU24S was inspired by the drive technology of Jetter, the automation specialist. Components such as Jetter servo motors and amplifiers, for example, can be optimally integrated in the futronic drive and control.

Optimal usability and error diagnostics
The integrated system enables central management of up to 20,000 production-relevant product data records and settings, which are output via the bus system in real time. Communication is bidirectional, which means the control simultaneously provides feedback on the functional state of the machine. All essential information is therefore at the operator’s disposal whenever it is needed. All available data is summarised and visualised on a monitor in a concise but meaningful overview. The machine operator never loses sight of key functions and processes, and the machine, drive and control are perceived as a single unit. The result: compared to conventional drive and control systems, the IS machine has much better usability and superior error diagnostics.

The FDU24S has a modular design and can also be supplied as a standalone solution. Existing machines can be retrofitted without any problems.

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