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Quality Sensitive Areas Automated

The contactor technology which is traditionally used for the switchgear of the annealing lehr has become obsolete. To meet the high demands of the complex cooling processes in glass manufacturing, futronic has come up with an electronic control system that enables quality sensitive sequences in the annealing lehr to be automated to a large extent. Optimal operating conditions – something crucial for product quality – thus prevail at all times in the heating and cooling zones. Any faults which occur can be quickly detected, localised and eliminated on the operator terminal. This significantly reduces job change times and the likelihood of errors, for instance due to incorrect inputs. Your running costs are lower as a result.

A grip on complex processes
The futronic control incorporates a whole series of innovative features. Amongst other things, the specific controller parameters of the cooling curves for more than 200 glass container types are stored in the Database menu. If a job change is necessary, the operator simply selects the job on the touch screen terminal. All controller parameters are then loaded automatically. A freely configurable Ethernet interface, for example, allows the control to be connected to a higher-level process control system. Information on the machine state, productivity, job changes or reduced section operation is recorded in the system with the help of futronic FMT24S e-timers. These factors are important for temperature control in the annealing lehr and hence for quality assurance. The new annealing lehr control enables remote online maintenance, so that faults can be corrected fast and much more easily.

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