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FMT24S – Everything Under Control

The FMT24S (Flexible Modular Timing System) is a distributed control system that is capable of controlling all sequences and processes on an IS machine with anything up to 24 sections. Thanks to the consistent deployment of modern, low-maintenance bus technology, the system is fully scalable and can be flexibly adapted to meet the highly specific requirements of glass manufacturing. We offer an array of models from low-budget for modernising 4-section machines to high-end solutions involving 24 sections. A high degree of flexibility – essential for efficient production – and maximum security for your investment are guaranteed.

Integration in existing IT and data structures
The FMT24S is compatible with standard PC components and software; it ships with three different standardised bus systems, which demonstrate their respective strengths on the different communication levels. Our control system thus integrates easily into your company’s existing IT and data structures. The FMT24S also treads new paths when it comes to operator control and visualisation of different machine cycles and mechanisms. Comprehensive services and full availability of spare parts for many years to come are aspects we take for granted.

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