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Swab cycles monitored automatically

Most of the time, the operator of the IS machines in a glassworks has the swab cycles absolutely under control – thanks to professional training and many years of experience. Occasionally, though, mistakes are made nevertheless and the specified swab cycles are not adhered to. In cooperation with technicians from Verallia, futronic has now come up with an affordable system which supports machine operators with this routine task and helps avoid errors. Our Swab Cycle Monitoring System (SCMS) monitors the swab cycles automatically and provides visual and acoustic warnings indicating when, and on which section, the next cycle is due.

The SCMS consists of an LED timer display connected to the FMT24S. A specially developed add-on for the FMT24S firmware controls the counter, resets it at the end of the swab interval and starts the next cycle. The different job-dependent swab times are stored and managed centrally in the MCT database. The SCMS ships with a robust industrial LED display and the necessary FMT24S software upgrade. futronic will unveil the SCMS to a trade audience at the upcoming glasstec exhibition.

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