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Glass goblets cracked off to size

The FCC (Futronic Crack-off machine Control system) is a modular control and drive system for use on rotating crack-off machines. Rotary blowing machines are an elementary component of any stemware production line, for instance, alongside the blow moulding and press machines. They crack off the glass goblets to size, then grind, wash and finally polish them.

Tried-and-tested technologies and components
The FCC was developed by futronic in cooperation with a longstanding partner. You could call it a hybrid of futronic’s FBC and FPC controls and drives for blow moulding and press machines that have been doing a great job for several years now. The specialists at futronic were thus able to resort not only to plenty of development experience but also to tried-and-tested technologies and components. A Jetter touch panel PC, which visualises the software for the operator, and the SIMOTION S120 axis system – a motion control system for up to 128 servo drives per machine which enables regenerative feedback of excess power – are just two examples.

Integrated precision laser
The current version of the FCC is designed for 13 different sections in total, on which three glasses are always processed in parallel – from loading through the crack-off section proper to cleaning and, last but not least, the take-out (vacuum gripper). The glass is cracked off using advanced CO2 laser technology. The laser unit which is responsible for this has a glass detection function and three parallel laser cutters, and is completely integrated in the FCC control-wise.

Slip ring to transmit data and power
The Siemens SIMOTION control system is accommodated in the main cabinet. As is generally the case with rotary blowing machines, a slip ring is used to transmit data and power to the tower distribution cabinet on the top, rotating part of the machine. The tower then distributes this data and power to the valves and drives for the 52 servo motors at the 13 processing sections, for example. The design of the tower distribution cabinet is such that the space it provides is limited; the control system therefore needed to be easy to integrate into the Siemens technology and take up as little room as possible. A Parker PSD servo drive was chosen for this reason.

Technical features of the FCC

  • Control and drive integrated in a motion control system for up to 128 servo drives per machine
  • Visualisation on a powerful 21.5 inch Jetter touch panel PC
  • Simotion S120 axis system enables regenerative power feedback for maximum energy efficiency
  • 52 servo motors at the moulding sections driven by the Parker system in the tower distribution cabinet
  • Data and power transmitted by means of a slip ring
  • Machine can be indexed by a gearless servo direct drive (double-axis integration)
  • Integrated laser control ensures optimum crack-off processes as well as unified management of the job database
  • Event output visualised on a PC by means of a 360° bar chart
  • Job database including archival of the laser parameters
  • Current job matched online and uploaded to the job database again afterwards
  • Trend recording function with long-term archival of measured values
  • Special service tool for individual units
  • Remote maintenance and updates possible via a VPN connection

Do you require more information? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales department. You can find a more detailed article describing the development of the FCC, as well as its various technical features and characteristics, in the 2017 issue of the (3.1 MB)futronic Journal.

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