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FPC – Glass Under Pressure

The FPC (Futronic Press machine Control system) is a modular control and drive system for use on rotating press machines with up to 20 sections or 32 double gobs. The technology for this control system, which combines the machine control and the synchronous drive, is based on the Siemens SIMOTION platform. SIMOTION integrates PLC functionality, motion control and technology functions, for instance for controlling the hydraulic components of the servo press.

This novel automation concept covers the complete requirements profile from the feeder through the glass moulding equipment to the conveyor for the finished product. The desire to provide a control and drive that are not only suited for latest-generation machines was a top development priority. On the contrary, the concept is equally ideal for retrofitting or modernising older lines. Once again, a futronic control solution meets customer demands for increased production reliability, product quality and productivity. Just as you’d expect from futronic!


The most important features at a glance:

  • Control and drive integrated in a motion control system for up to 128 servo drives per machine
  • Press table can be indexed by a servo controlled Maltese cross or a gearless servo direct drive (double-axis integration)
  • Platinum chute heating or servo feeder permits continuous glass feeding
  • Hydraulic or electric plunger control
  • Precise position and pressure control assures absolute repeatability and automatic, section-dependent mould correction
  • Event output visualised on a PC by means of a 360° bar chart
  • Job database including pressing curves
  • Current job matched online and uploaded to the job database again afterwards
  • Trend recording function with long-term archival of measured values
  • Special service tool for individual units
  • Remote maintenance and updates possible via a VPN connection
  • Highest energy efficiency due to possibility of regenerative power feedback from the IGBTs of the drive system

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