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Sustainable Concepts

Advanced, complex and highly specialised machines and systems call for highly specialised automation solutions. And the far-reaching changes in industrial manufacturing, the digital revolution with Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) demand innovative, secure and sustainable concepts. From futronic, for example.

We develop dedicated electronics – in many cases embedded – design layouts and program microcontrollers. As a system supplier, we deliver a comprehensive spectrum of services from conceptualisation, development, programming and production through testing and the final acceptance right up to commissioning. Our services are not restricted to certain industry sectors or certain types of manufacturing; on the contrary, we can realise your individual wishes and visions flexibly and promptly.

Discover more about our products and technologies:

Crane Control

Small, compact and reliable – that was the specification we were asked to meet when we developed a control system for a leading manufacturer’s cranes. Read more

Oil Separator Manager

The Opanski 2002 – the first warning system for oil separators featuring wireless technology – was developed on behalf of an engineering consultant. Read more

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