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Wireless Warning System for Oil Separators

The first warning system for oil separators featuring wireless technology was developed by futronic on behalf of Opanski Abscheidetechnik, an engineering consultant. The so-called “Abscheider-Manager opanski 2002” (Separator Manager) watches over an oil separator’s operation and monitors compliance with defined limit values, such as the oil level in the separator chamber or maintenance intervals. In the event of a fault, for example if the oil flow is obstructed or blocked, the unit outputs an alarm and documents the operating history.

Thanks to the wireless connection between the separator and the evaluation unit, inexpensive installation is also possible in areas subject to the German Water Resources Act (WHG), where complex floorings are stipulated if substances hazardous to water are involved (refuelling systems, etc.). The electronics and the controller software were designed by futronic.