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Efficient Refurbishments

Why refurbish? Customer expectations with regard to efficiency, product quality, productivity and energy efficiency are rising continuously. There is consequently a demand for more automation. After all, more automation means improved operator safety in the machine’s immediate vicinity, consistent product quality on a high level and better productivity, for instance because the time required for job changes or for starting up the machine is significantly shorter. Yet generally speaking, there is no need to replace existing systems and machinery completely. Minor, but decisive, refurbishments are often sufficient to bring your equipment back into line with the latest state of the art. And boost your performance significantly.

A harmonious whole
In the meantime, futronic’s developers and engineers can look back on several decades of experience with retrofit and refurbishment projects. The challenge: every retrofit entails manipulating what tends to be heterogeneous plant and machinery from multiple manufacturers, exchanging obsolete components such as Siemens S5 controllers and coordinating everything in a harmonious whole. futronic’s specialists are able to build upon a huge knowledge base and their rich experience of the sundry systems is the outcome of partnerships with leading producers, typically over a period of many years.

Our services at a glance:

  • Upgrading of your existing machines to create a modern, high performance control system
  • Replacement of old Siemens S5 controllers
  • Seamless integration with the existing IT structure
  • Coordination of the conversion work with non-productive times

Your benefits:

  • Coordination, concept development and implementation in our hands
  • Existing machines and systems can continue to be used – and used more efficiently
  • Lower energy consumption means lower costs
  • Significant productivity boost

We provide solutions. Challenge us!

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