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Keeping Pace with Technological Advances

Keeping pace with technological advances is one of the biggest challenges confronting the specialists whose job it is to operate the machines and control panels. New mechanisms, new software and new or modified production processes call for sound training and continuing professional development of the teams concerned. As a product developer and supplier, futronic was quick to recognise the importance of this aspect. Whenever our engineers put a customer’s machine into operation, training for its future operators is naturally part and parcel of the service.

Focusing on production processes
On-site training has the advantage that futronic’s engineers can instruct your operators and maintenance technicians in their own, familiar environment – on real machines and equipment. On the other hand, trial runs in which they would normally have a chance to simulate and practice the various steps are not feasible in most cases because they would disrupt your normal production process. What’s more, experience has shown that the operators concerned are continually distracted by day-to-day business and find it extremely difficult to concentrate on the training.

The answer: we take your operators out of their regular working environment and offer them ideal conditions for thorough, realistic training geared to the practical requirements at our in-house Training Centre. The trainees greatly appreciate the peace and quiet they need to act out the various production processes until they have mastered them absolutely. Theory and practice are always very close together.

Training under practical conditions
Our Training Centre includes a brand new classroom and a representative production facility in the hall next door. This area is designed to be adaptable – at least approximately – to the actual conditions prevailing at the customer’s facility. Training takes place on EPRO, CIMOG and FMT24S machine controls as well as on an FDU24S synchronous drive.

In addition to instruction in the controls and drives typically used in container glass production, futronic also can provide training on other subjects or product areas on request. There’s bound to be something of interest to you too. Please contact us. We’d be happy to advise you.

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